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Peppermint Hand Cream by Dionis

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  • The Dionis Peppermint hand cream is from the Dionis designer brand, manufactured in their US-based facility. The cream is packed in a handy tube that you can stash in your bah or desk drawer. The hand cream features goat milk super-moisturizing and nourishing agent rich in vitamin D and A. Notice how your hands turn silky smooth and stay hydrated with every application. Chapped hands won’t be a concern this winter. The peppermint leaves a refreshing scent on your skin.

    About the Brand
    Dionis is a premium personal care brand that was founded in Virginia, nearly 30 years ago. The brand has various products that use goat milk with a range of other quality ingredients to pamper the skin. The unparalleled nourishing effects of goat milk have made it a vital ingredient in most of the formulations of the brand. The vitamin A and D rich formulation helps restore the skin to its natural form, while they can be used by almost anyone due to their anti-allergic attributes. Dionis’ offerings include hand & body care products, bath & shower products, lips & face products and fragrance collections.